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internal control system

The Company’s internal control system was established in accordance with the generally-accepted internal control standards, the concept of three lines of defense, and the industry’s best practices. The internal control system is a responsibility of all members of the Company, from the lowest-level employees up to the BOD. The running of this system is monitored and ensured by the Internal Audit Unit.

The internal control system is implemented on the aspects of finances, operations, and regulatory compliance. In 2022, the Company evaluated the efficacy of its internal control system, and concluded that the internal control system is adequate for the current and planned expansion of the Company’s scale and business model.
The internal control system implemented by the Company consists of the following components:
1. Business risk reduction;
2. Protection of company assets;
3. Reliable financial reporting system; and
4. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

All of these components have been implemented by the Company, including in each task and responsibilities of corporate organs

*Source : PT Distribusi Voucher Nusantara Tbk. Annual Report 2022

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