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The Company is passionate about implementing social responsibility and views this as one of the essential aspects of the business. We implement social responsibility objectively to internal parties (employees) and external parties (communities, customers, and business partners). The Company established various initiatives, in programs described as follows: 

1. Employee Management

2. Gender Equality, Employment Opportunities and Child Labor

3. Remuneration

4. Competency Improvement

5. Health and Safety

6. Community Development Program

The Company is aware that our business operations can indirectly affect the environment. Thus, we gradually implement sustainability principles, starting with internal procedures: 

1. Use of Environmentally friendly Materials

2. Energy Saving

3. Energy Intensity and Efficiency Measurement

4. Emission Control

5. Water Management and Efficiency

6. Emission Controls

7. Biodiversity Preservation

*Source : PT Distribusi Voucher Nusantara Tbk. Annual Report 2023

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