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President Director

Indonesian citizen, 50 years of age. Obtained a Bachelor of Engineering degree from University of Indonesia in 1995. Previously worked at PT Versa Torron Sistekindo as Database Specialist (1996–1997), then at PT IFS Indonesia as System & Application Engineering Manager (1997– 2001), then at PT Agapindo Sukses Sejati as Technical VP (2001–2005), at PT Solusi Lintas International as IT Director (2005–2010), PT Mitra Komunikasi Nusantara as IT Director (2010–2014), PT NFC Indonesia as Director (2014–2018), at PT 1 INTI DOT COM as Director (2014– present), at PT Soteria Wicaksana Investama as Director (2017–present), and at PT Media Karya Nusantara as Director (2017–present). Appointed as the Company’s President Director in 2018 and serves until now.

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Indonesian citizen, 46 years of age. Obtained her Bachelor of Engineering degree from Indonesia Institute of Technology in 1999. Previously worked at Pandu High School as Teacher (1999–2001), at Lembaga Demografi Indonesia as a Surveyor (2001–2002), at PT Mitra Makmur Perkasa as Head of Sales Marketing (2002–2010), joined the Company as Branch Manager (2010–2012) and was then appointed General Manager (2012–2016). Serves as Director of the Company from 2018 until now.

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Indonesian citizen, 45 years of age. Obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Financial Management from Atmajaya Catholic University, Jakarta, in 2000. Previously he worked at PT Kerismas Witikco Makmur as Financial Analyst (2001–2004), then as Section Head of Corporate Finance (2005–2006), at PT Trimegah Sekuritas Indonesia Tbk as an Equity Analyst (2006–2007) and as Research Team Leader (2010), then at PT Kresna Graha Investama Tbk as Head of Equity Research (2010–2015) and as Senior Vice President of Business Research (2015–present). Appointed as the Company’s Director in 2018 and has served until now.

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Indonesian citizen, 49 years of age. Obtained a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Degree from Trisakti University, Jakarta, in 1995. Previously worked at PT Transavia Utama as Avionics Engineer (1995–1996), at PT Jasa Piranti Solusindo as Division Head (1997–2009), at PT Metrotech Makmur Sejahtera as Chief Technology Officer (2010– 2013), at PT Digital Artha Media as Commissioner (2013– 2020), at PT Jas Kapital as Director (2013–present), at PT Berkat Jaya Berdikari as President Director (2016– present), at PT Harapan Inti Selaras as President Director (2016–2018), at Indonesia Fintech Association (AFTECH) as Co-founder and Chief of Payment Electronification (2016–present). Appointed as the Company’s Director in 2018 and has served until now.

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