The Corporate Secretary’s primary responsibility is to act as a liaison between the Company and the external stakeholders, in particular the regulators, shareholders,
and the general public. The Corporate Secretary also is responsible for ensuring that the Company remains compliant with all the relevant regulations in its communications and engagements with external parties.


The Corporate Secretary was established in the Company in accordance with the OJK Regulation No. 35/POJK.04/2014 on Corporate Secretary of Issuers or Public Companies.

The Corporate Secretary function was established pursuant to the Decree of the BOD No. 01/SK-DIR/DVN/V/2018 on 22 May 2018, which appointed Septi Suryani as the Corporate Secretary. 

Corporate Secretary’s Profile
Septi Suryani, Indonesian citizen, 33 years of age. Graduated from AMIK LAKSI 31, Jakarta, in 2007. Prior to working at the Company, she previously worked at T Eratel Media Distritindo as Marketing & Operations (2007–2011), as Secretary & Assistant to the CEO at PT Mitra Komunikasi Indonesia (2011–2013), as Commissioner of PT NFC Indonesia (2014–2018), and Commissioner of PT M Cash Integrasi (2016–2017). Currently she is serving as a Commissioner of PT Berkah Karunia Kreasi (since 2016). She was appointed as the Corporate Secretary in 2018.


Training & Competence Enhancement
In 2019, the Corporate Secretary participated in training and dissemination of the capital market regulations, such as:
1. Seminar on POJK No. 36/POJK.04/2018 on Audit Procedures in Capital Market Sector, held by IDX on 12 February 2019.
2. Seminar “Ensuring Company’s Compliance with Regulations on the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners” (POJK No. 33/POJK.04/2014 and Other Related Regulations), held by IDX on 20 March 2019.

3. Seminar “Things to be Noted by the Corporate Secretary in Establishing Board Organs: Committees, Corporate Secretary, and Internal Audit”, held by IDX on 9 April 2019.
4. Seminar on POJK No. 14/POJK.04/2019 on Amendment to POJK No. 32/POJK.04/2015 on Addition of Capital in Public Companies by Issuing Preemptive Rights, held by IDX on 24 June 2019.
5. Seminar “Effective GCG Implementation Strategy with the Duties of the Corporate Secretary and POJK No. 21/POJK.04/2014 on Implementation of Corporate Governance for Public Companies”, held by IDX on 2 July 2019.
6. Seminar “Understanding Share Buyback Regulations as per POJK No. 30/POJK.04/2017 on Buyback of Shares Issued by Public Companies”, held by IDX on 13 August 2019.

Corporate Secretary’s Activities
In 2019, the Corporate Secretary conducted or participated in training, as follows:
1. AGMS on 21 May 2019, at Arjuna Room, Kresna Tower, SCBD, Jakarta.
2. EGMS on 21 May 2019, at Arjuna Room, Kresna Tower, SCBD, Jakarta.
3. Annual Public Expose on 21 May 2019, at Arjuna Room, Kresna Tower, SCBD, Jakarta.
4. Disclosure of information to the public, including on the Company’s official website throughout 2019.

5. Submission of reports to OJK throughout 2019.

*Source : PT Distribusi Voucher Nusantara Tbk. Annual Report 2019